Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Laughing gas can be a helpful aid for children that have slight to moderate anxiety in the dental office
setting. This blend of oxygen and nitrous oxide is administered by having the patient breathe normally
through a mask placed over their nose. The child will smell a faintly sweet aroma that leads to a sense of
relaxation and often produces feelings of giddiness. It raises the patient’s pain threshold and may even
make time appear to pass more quickly for the patient. The benefits of laughing gas are that it is very
safe, usually well-tolerated, and is easily reversible, so children can often return to school or
participate in their everyday activities following dental treatment. Our doctors will discuss if this is an
appropriate option for your child. Be sure to make them aware of any respiratory conditions that might
impact the patient’s ability to inhale the nitrous oxide. You should give your child little or no food in the
two hours preceding a dental appointment where Nitrous oxide is planned. Be sure to mention any
medication taken on the day of the appointment. Nitrous oxide is generally not a covered benefit under
most dental insurance plans. Our treatment coordinator can provide fee information regarding this
service. Informed consent from a parent or a legal guardian, with the necessary court documents in
hand, is required prior to the administration of nitrous oxide to the patient

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