General Anesthesia

General Anesthesia

Sometimes children are too young to cooperate, have special needs that reduce cooperative ability, or
have extensive treatment plans that make general anesthesia the best option for their dental surgery.
We are fortunate to have doctors and assistants from Northern Lights Dental anesthesia join our team
several times each month to perform these surgeries in our office.  
The first step is either a dental consult for new patients referred by another dental provider or an exam
for new or existing patients due for a checkup or experiencing pain. At this appointment, our
dentist will thoroughly explain the procedures, why they are recommended, and what they involve. A
dental treatment plan will be created showing the recommended dental procedures, the fee for the
services, an estimate of your insurance coverage, and the estimated patient portion of the fee. Our
surgery coordinator will provide you with information about how the general anesthesia
appointments are scheduled, what to do to prepare for the appointment, and the necessary forms for
Northern Lights Dental Anesthesia. She will ask you to complete their health questionnaire in the office
so she can consult with the anesthesiologist in advance of your child’s surgery.
The next step for some is a physical appointment with their pediatrician to be medically cleared for
dental surgery under general anesthesia. This screening appointment must be within 30 days of the
surgery. The H&P notes from this appointment should be sent to our office via fax at 907‐336‐4321. We
must receive them at least two days before the surgery.
The following step is necessary for all patients for the foreseeable future. We will submit a request for a
covid test to the lab in the Providence Health Park, 3841 Piper Street, Suite T211, about a week before
the surgery. We will call to let you know the request has been sent and remind you to get the
test. The lab is open from 7 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday and from 7 AM to 3 PM on Saturday.
They will fax the results to our office. It takes several days to get the results, and we need to review them
prior to confirming the surgery with you the day before. We recommend you go as soon as possible to
have the test done once you are contacted.  
The day before the surgery, the surgery coordinator will contact you with your arrival time, the time to
have your child stop eating and drinking the night before, and when to stop even small sips of water. She
will also review the best type of clothing for your child to wear, what you should bring to the
appointment, and what to expect when you arrive. She will also ask if there have been any changes in
your child’s health. A change in health, especially the development of a cold, cough, or fever, could
indicate a need to reschedule the surgery.  
On the day of the surgery, we ask that one parent or legal guardian arrive on time with only the patient
scheduled. We kindly ask that all siblings remain in the care of another caretaker, as your child will need
your full attention. There will be a surgical consent form, a covid consent form, and an informed consent
for anesthesia that can only be signed by a parent or a legal guardian with the appropriate court
paperwork in hand. The anesthesiologist will meet with you to review the health questionnaire, H&P
notes if applicable, and your child’s current health. They will weigh your child and discuss with both of
you how the process works. When the time comes, the patient will go back to one of our operatories to
“blow up a balloon.” We ask that the parent remains in our reception area. We will update you during
the procedure if there are any changes to the treatment plan. Our doctor will meet with you after the
surgery to discuss how things went, explain any changes, and let you know if any follow-up visits are
needed. The surgical coordinator will then set those appointments for you and collect the patient
portion of the fee. The fee for the anesthesia will be based on the total time the team from Northern
Lights Dental Anesthesia is with your child. They will process your payment later in accordance with the
financial agreement you sign for them. Once your child is ready to wake up, you will be escorted to the
room where they are coming out from under the anesthesia. You will be asked to sit with them as they
wake up. Once they are awake enough to satisfy the anesthesiologist, you will be able to go home. A
wheelchair and assistance to your car will be provided.
After surgery, your child will have a restricted diet and activities for 24 hours. You should reserve the
the remainder of the surgery day to carefully observe and take care of your child as they will be groggy and
The primary concern of everyone involved in this process is your child’s safety and wellbeing. We are
honored to be chosen to care for your child and improve their oral health. If you have any questions or
concerns before, during, or after the surgery, the surgical coordinator and our doctors can be reached at
907‐336‐1234. There is an after‐hours number on our voicemail. The anesthesiologist can be reached at
907‐268‐3109. Thank you for allowing us to care for you and your child.

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