Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride, being a natural mineral, aids in the prevention of cavities and the development of healthy teeth. It has been the most prevalent and necessary oral health treatment for decades. If your child is at a higher risk of acquiring cavities, fluoride can be incredibly beneficial. At Aurora Childrens Dentistry in Anchorage, AK, we provide fluoride treatments to improve your child's oral health. 

Fluoride Treatment for Children

Fluoride therapy is advantageous for children since it is a preventive technique that protects tooth enamel. Fluoride is especially important for children because it promotes healthy tooth growth. It is vital to have enough fluoride as a child to create healthy teeth that will last a lifetime. It is recommended that children undergo two to four fluoride treatments each year, depending on their overall dental health and susceptibility to tooth decay.

How are Fluoride Treatments Applied?

Fluoride is applied to your child's teeth with a toothbrush. The product is painted on and allowed to cure for a few minutes before being washed off by your child's dentist. Our dentist will inform you of any aftercare restrictions and how to incorporate extra fluoride into your child's oral health routine if necessary.

Advantages of Using Fluoride

  • Teeth Strengthening for Your Child

This mineral aids in the remineralization and strengthening of your child's teeth. Poor enamel is one of the key causes of tooth decay and cavity formation in children. Pediatric dentists often recommend fluoride treatments to prevent tooth decay in children. As a result, the advantages of this feature cannot be emphasized, and it should be taught to children at an early age to promote oral hygiene.

  • Will Increase the Bone Density of Your Child

Using fluoride can improve bone density, according to various scientific studies. It enhances bone mineral concentration as well as your child's oral health dramatically.

  • Reduces harmful microbes

Fluoride can prevent microorganisms in your child's mouth from creating acid. It can eliminate these microorganisms while also protecting their teeth from harm or decay. To avoid bacterial infections and dental issues, your children must take fluoride-fortified products.

Is Fluoride Safe for My Child?

Fluoride is a safe and effective way to keep children's teeth healthy. It aids in the maintenance of strong and healthy teeth. Fluoride should be used with caution and kept out of the reach of young children. Fluoride does not pose a risk unless used at high levels.

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