New Patients

We love to see new smiles! We are always happy welcome new patients to our practice. Whether your
child is being referred to us by their regular dental professional for a consultation or by a family friend to
establish long term care with us, we consider a referral to be the best complement our practice can
receive. We are grateful for the confidence and trust our peers and our patients place in us with their
referrals. We typically schedule one of the following for new patients:
"We Love new smiles!"
-New patient exam and cleaning
-New patient limited, problem focused exam
-Consultation: Your dental provider may recommend your child see Dr. Barnes for treatment that is best accomplished
in a pediatric dental office. We will initiate this process by scheduling a consultation appointment. Dr.
Barnes will review the referral and x‐rays sent from your dental provider, as well as the health history
you provide as part of our new patient paperwork, before determining the treatment plan and most
appropriate treatment modality. We will then schedule the necessary treatment as a separate
appointment. This will provide an opportunity for you and your child to become familiar with our office
and our team prior to the treatment appointment or dental surgery. We will verify your insurance
benefits and provide you with a treatment plan detailing the recommended dental procedures, fees and
copays. Most of the dental services that are planned for treatment visits or dental surgeries are covered
by dental insurance at varying percentages, but the consultation appointment is often not a covered
benefit. Please plan to provide your dental insurance information at the time you schedule the consult
so we can verify benefits and eligibility prior to the appointment.


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