What To Expect During A Back-To-School Dental Checkup

What To Expect During A Back-To-School Dental Checkup

Making dental visits is always important all year round, and the same applies to kids as well. In the case of school-age children, back-to-school checkups are very important to treat one of the most common diseases found in them: cavities. Every year children miss millions of hours due to dental issues, which makes it all the more important to make back-to-school checkups all the more important.

What you should do during a dental visit

You may have taken your child for a dental visit before, but you need to know a few things before you visit a dentist in time for school reopening. After your child is examined, you need to ask the dentist about any unusual findings from the test and if there are any concerns that you need to actively address on a daily basis. Among the many things, dentists need to check how the teeth line up and identify any bite or orthodontic issues.

Tips for a successful dental visit

Here are a few tips for a successful back-to-school dental checkup for your kids.

  1. Plan ahead:Considering the situation, it’s best you plan the visit right now as it’ll enable you to avoid crowds.
  2. Don’t let the kids be hungry:‘A hungry child does not make a good patient.’ So, always make sure they’ve had something to eat before heading to the appointment.
  3. Keep your worries aside: Children always pick up on their parents’ anxieties. So, you keeping your worries aside; being in a positive mental space helps put them at ease.
  4. For multiple kids, send the positive child first:If you’re taking multiple kids to the dentist, always send the kid who has had the most positive experience prior to the visit. This will keep the others from throwing a fit.
  5. Keep calm if your child throws a tantrum:Don’t scoop your child off the chair and take them home if they aren’t cooperating. This will only make future visits harder as your child will associate negative connotations with dentists for years to come.

A back-to-school dental checkup is essential as it puts your mind at ease while also ensuring your child doesn’t miss any school days due to any avoidable dental issues. Get in touch with Aurora’s Children to schedule an appointment Now!

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