What Is Dental Plaque and How Can I Get Rid of It?

What Is Dental Plaque and How Can I Get Rid of It?

Dental Plaque is a sticky film of bacteria that forms on the teeth and the gumlines. It signifies bad oral health and can lead to many dental diseases. At Aurora Children's Dentistry, efficient dentists offer services that can help remove the plaque off the teeth. 

What Causes Dental Plaque?

Plaque tends to form on the teeth when the bacteria in the mouth combine with sugar and starch food. It releases an acid that eventually forms the sticky yellow film on the teeth. If not cleaned promptly, the bacteria may destroy the tooth enamel and can cause tooth decay. It may also lead to gum diseases in patients.

How does the Dentist remove plaque?

Dentists perform a professional dental cleaning to remove plaque from the teeth. There are two effective procedures performed by the Dentist, including root planing and scaling. 

  • Scaling: It is a process where the Dentist removes the plaque on the teeth using a scaler. Manual or ultrasonic scalers are used for this purpose. Water is gushed inside the mouth to remove the debris from mouth. 
  • Root Planing: It is performed to remove the plaque deposits and tartar inside the gumlines and the tooth's root. Special dental tools are used for the dental process. 

Some dentists also floss the patient's teeth to remove the debris stuck in between the teeth. Fluoride is applied to the teeth to reduce tooth sensitivity. 

How to Prevent Plaque?

  • Practicing good dental care at home can help reduce plaque formation on the teeth. 
  • Brush the teeth twice a day using fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush.
  • Floss the teeth every day to remove the food particles stuck in between the teeth. 
  • Use a mouthwash prescribed by the Dentist to rinse the mouth.
  • Visit the Dentist twice a year to undergo a complete dental checkup. 

Consult the Dentist

If you have been neglecting dental care at home, there are chances that you will soon need a dental cleaning appointment to avoid dental complications. 

Aurora Children's Dentistry, located in Anchorage, AK, offers the best dental care services to patients with the help of modern technologies and expert dentists. Dial (907) 336-1234 and schedule an appointment with the dentistry to know more about dental care services and receive a complete dental checkup. 

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