Nitrous Oxide and Kids: Is It Safe for My Child?

Nitrous Oxide and Kids: Is It Safe for My Child?

An effective pain management solution for your child at the dental office can give you the confidence and peace of mind to avail the treatments. Dentists all over the world prefer nitrous oxide as the sedation method of choice for children. It is a colorless and sweet-smelling gas utilized in dental procedures to help relieve pain and anxiety.

Nitrous oxide is offered for children to enable dentists to perform various procedures like extractions, fillings, or other painful treatments. When correctly administered, nitrous oxide is a harmless and safe sedative.

What Is Nitrous Oxide?

When given in small doses, nitrous oxide has been found to be completely harmless and has been used safely for children for more than a decade. Suppose your child is anxious about dental treatments or has physical discomfort from an overactive gag reflex or a sore jaw. In that case, they may struggle against dental procedures, which could lead to an injury. When a child has a short attention span or difficulty following instructions, it may hinder the work of a dentist.

Nitrous oxide soothes and relaxes your child and helps them remain calm during the routine cleanings or fillings. In addition to their physical safety, using nitrous oxide will provide a peaceful and happy dental experience for your child. This, in turn, can create positive associations with dental visits and, therefore, better overall dental care. 

What Are the Benefits of Nitrous Oxide?

There are several benefits of nitrous oxide, including:

  • Child Is Responsive and Awake

Nitrous oxide will not make your child unconscious. Instead, the gas will help them feel more relaxed in the dental chair. While your child may laugh a little during the procedure, they will still be able to cooperate if the dentist gives them the necessary instructions. While nitrous oxide helps your child relax, they will still be awake and alert during the procedure.

  • Wears off Fast

The nitrous oxide effects begin to wear off as soon as the mask is removed from your child’s face. As a result, your child won’t need recovery time after being sedated. When children are administered nitrous oxide, they can return to school immediately after their treatment. 

  • No Side Effects

Nitrous oxide does not have any side effects, making it entirely safe for children and adults. Our dentists have the necessary experience and skills to direct nitrous oxide safely, so your child feels relaxed and not medicated above the permissible levels. 

While inhaling the nitrous oxide gas, your child may feel a tickling sensation in their arms and legs or feel light-headed. But overall, your child will feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed.

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